Tutoring Fees

Transparent & competitive pricing

Tutor Magnet does not charge the student any fees for sourcing a tutor nor for the tutoring sessions. Tuition fees are charged by the tutor on an individual and sessional basis to the student.

Average tutoring costs

The price of tuition is paid per hour and can be different in certain parts of the United Kingdom, for example, prices in London will be more expensive. The average cost per hour is between £20 and £45, some tutors may charge more or less than this.


Travel costs

Depending on how far the tutor has to travel to you, they may charge you extra for their travel. This can sometimes be included in their hourly rate but other times they may charge an extra fee to cover travel costs.


Tuition level

The cost per hour of tuition can vary between levels, if you are requesting a tutor for Key Stage 1 it will cost less than a tutor for A Level.